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Work From Home – Friday Favorites

Oct 16, 2020

Hey guys! I thought for this week’s favorites I would make it a work from home Friday favorites edition since that’s what most of us are doing these days! It’s nothing pretty but these are all of the things I’ve been using daily in my work from home set up!

breakfast/ laptop tray

Work From Home - Friday Favorites

This thing is a life saver. Currently I work in our bedroom while we have our nanny a couple days a week and it’s hard to work without a desk and in your bed without feeling lazy. I found this tray on amazon and it has improved my productivity so much!

levoit air purifier

You can’t focus if you have allergies! We have these purifiers in a couple of different areas of the house and I notice a huge difference when we have them on. Brock and I both have pretty bad allergies so this helps a lot with us while we work from home all the time.

silicone straws

I love these reusable silicone straws. One reason is that Ford likes to drink my water now but he spills it all over himself so the straw is a better transition for him. And another reason is for some reason I drink way more water when I use a straw!

water jug

Work From Home - Friday Favorites

When you work from home it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated! If you’re struggling to drink enough water every day it’s probably because you aren’t drinking out of the right cup. When you drink out of a bigger jug or glass you drink way more water during the day, at least that’s how I feel! This jug is 22 oz and I end up refilling it 3 or 4 times a day!

hue lights

Brock introduced these to me when we first started dating and now I can’t imagine life without them. We have them all over the house. They are smart lights that you can hook up to your Alexa, set on a timer, change colors, and so on. It’s perfect for when you’re working and you don’t want those irritating warm orange lights!

sugar paper notebook

Work From Home - Friday Favorites

You can’t work from home without a great notepad! I end up going through one notepad a week it seems like! I am constantly writing out my thoughts, to-do lists, and more. These cute notepads from sugar paper LA are my favorite because even if your handwriting is messy they keep it cute!

I hope you guys enjoyed these work from home Friday favorites! If you guys are struggling to work from home check out my post about balance, you may find it helpful!

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