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Ways to Give Back Virtually

Jul 30, 2020

Ways to Give Back Virtually

As most of us are still stuck at home twiddling our thumbs I thought I should share something that would not only benefit you but someone else! Just because we are stuck at home, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be doing our best to find ways to give back virtually. It doesn’t have to be something big at all, it can be as small as sending a text to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. No matter the gesture, it’s important for us to go out of our way a bit and get out of our heads!

Here are a few examples of Ways to Give Back Virtually:

  1. Donate money/ food to an organization like Baby2Baby or FeedingAmerica
  2. Write Postcards to friends and family and strangers
  3. Leave a roll of toilet paper on an elderly neighbors doorstep
  4. Reach out to your strong friends
  5. Plan a facetime date with a friend and don’t bail!
  6. Bake cookies for neighbors
  7. Leave snacks out for your delivery people
  8. Write a thank-you note to your Mailman

Try to complete at least one of these this week and comment on how it went below. Looking for something else to keep you busy at home, try this vegan cookie recipe!

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