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The Best Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Oct 5, 2020

self-care for moms

Self-care for moms

When was the last time you did something simple for yourself? The last time that you had dinner with friends without having to worry about what might be happening at home? Or even the last time that you simply just jotted down your thoughts in your journal? If you’re anything like me, it has probably been a bit of time since you’ve done any of those things. Self-care for moms is the last thing that we really think about on a daily basis, isn’t it?

I know I find myself sometimes so caught in the day-to-day details, distractions, and deadlines that at when I finally have time to wind down and focus on me the day is over. Do you find yourself going through the same things as a Mom? 

Time as a mother is precious and valuable, yet there isn’t ever enough of it in a single day. And the last thing from your mind most of the time is taking care of yourself. Yet self-care for mental health can have an everlasting impact on your experience throughout motherhood. Self-care for mental health is a practice that everyone should be adding into their daily routine, not just us Moms. Today, I wanted to discuss with you a few ideas for self-care that you can do throughout your day.

Get Outside

Any time that you are spending getting your blood flowing and your heart rate up gets those endorphins running. When it’s time for baby to nap, pop him / her in the stroller and take a walk for an hour outside. Not only is your baby still getting the rest they need, you are able to have some time soaking in the sunlight. I know for me, spending time outside is simply and utterly refreshing. 

Other ways to build self-care into your daily routine that can be done easily are things like yoga or going on a hike on the weekends. These small moments to connect with yourself or the outside and fresh air, I find, lead to being more in a space of gratitude and connected to not just myself but also Ford and Brock.


Taking time each morning as part of your routine to journal can help provide some much-needed clarity to your day. Writing down my thoughts provides me with an ability to also connect with what matters to me during each day. I try to also write down at least three things I’m grateful for each day. This funny thing ends up happening when doing that; that those things become ever more present and beautiful that day. 

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to me time. It isn’t being selfish to run a hot bath at night and relax with your favorite candles or bath bomb. Don’t forget your favorite book. When I do nights like this, I try to read a book that provides growth or learning. Reading and soaking in knowledge can be a really great way to thrive, to grow and understand yourself and the way you can better provide love and care for your family. 

Plan a day at the spa is another great form of self-care for Moms. It can refresh your body and soul after having time to think of nothing, while getting a much-needed massage. Most of the time as mothers we don’t feel we’re able to do this, that the house might catch fire if we leave for a couple hours. Trust that it won’t. Give yourself permission to take time off from being Mom and just be you. 

Connect With Your Friends

Building time in your week to spend with your girlfriends is a great way to get reconnected to yourself. So often we feel that making time for our friends takes away from our family, yet simply by connecting again with those people we love actually brings more love back to our children and partner. Talking with other moms also gives us an ability to identify with others who are going through the same experience we are. Trust me, the feeling of not being alone in the things I’ve experienced has impacted me on such a deep level. I grow with the other Moms I spend time with and that all comes back and profoundly impacts who I am with Ford and Brock in our home. 

What are some ways that you bring self-care for your mental health into your daily routine?

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  1. […] As I said above, a lot of people think self-care is as simple as getting a pedicure, and while that is a VERSION of self-care, it’s not the only way you should be practicing it! Self- care should look more like exercising, journaling, meditating, etc. Really taking the time to recharge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Here are some other examples! […]

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