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Stop and Smell the Flowers

May 12, 2017

Alright I’ve been totally off my blogging game lately, but I’m back and here to stay! This week has been a long one, but I wanted to share a quick story with you guys before I break into a Netflix binge.

Yesterday was a super stressful day. I had a really clumsy morning, things weren’t going my way at work, and I was just in an overall bad mood. I found myself growing more frustrated and upset throughout the day. I could hear the attitude in the tone of my voice, but it was like I couldn’t control it. I took a much needed break to get coffee later in the day and ran into a homeless man named Don. We see him all the time and sometimes we stop to talk. Today he told us he was just walking back to his buddies after taking a nap by the creek. We laughed about how terrible the Giants were doing and wished each other well as we parted ways.

On my way back I realized the creek he was referring to was right behind our building. A creek that many of the homeless people hang out/ sleep around. There is junk thrown all over, maybe a tarp and a torn up mattress or two, but it’s just a creek. I thought to myself how is it that Don, who sleeps by a creek without a roof over his head, is one of the happiest guys I’ve ever met?

The answer is perspective.

Every day isn’t going to be a great one, that’s a given, but we can choose how we handle the bad ones (if they’re even all that bad). Sometimes it seems easier said than done to not let the negativity take over, but the harder you work at it the easier it gets. Don reminded me how lucky I am. Even if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, at least I have a bed to sleep in. Maybe I was struggling at work, but at least I have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn something new.

I know we have to take each day as it comes, but I’m going to try my best to change my perspective, to be more positive, and to not take life so seriously. After all, we never know how much time we have, so why dwell on the negatives that are few and far between when we have so much to smile about?

P.S. After I wrote this up the first time, my computer decided not to save it, and I did NOT throw my laptop against a wall…perspective people!! lol

Today was a new day. I went to work with a positive attitude and a clear mind! Sometimes you just have to take a break to stop and smell the flowers and remind yourself that life isn’t really all that bad.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with positivity and love! And be sure to get some flowers for all the wonderful momma’s out there!


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  1. leticia says:

    Perspective is key!! lol at the not throwing your computer out the window. Great list!

  2. jessica says:

    so true every day can’t be perfect but coffee sure helps, enjoy your day and special people like don (:

  3. Linda says:

    Your post is so inspiring! I, too, always get frustrated and upset, but then I see others being happy and it inspires me to be happy, too! Also, loving your dress! You look beautiful!

    Blog || Instagram

  4. modnitsa says:

    Gorgeous look, and thank you for sharing your inspirational words!

  5. elizabethcolette says:

    Glad you didn’t throw your computer! Lol, perspective is key. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Emily says:

    This dress is so lovely on you!


  7. McKayla says:

    I find myself going through this exact same process quite often. I continually remind myself that you choose your own attitude. So if you want to be miserable it’s your own fault. Great post!

  8. Very lovely thoughts. I need em right now. Thanks!!

  9. helenafree says:

    Very nice! You made a good point about perspective and being grateful!! So true!!

  10. Great post! We humans can never be reminded enough on keeping our perspective on what things matter. Nice blog! found out about it from another blog! 🙂

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