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Practicing Patience

Sep 19, 2019

Practicing Patience
Practicing Patience

Practicing Patience

Yesterday was baby boy’s due date. I am officially 40 weeks and 1-day pregnant…ooph. The aches and pains are real people and the no sleep is even more real but kinda feels like a nightmare. As hard as it is sometimes I am really trying my best to practice patience. I have a stubborn little man in my belly and he just isn’t ready to see the light of day!

When I feel myself getting overwhelmed or frustrated I try my best to take a deep breath and think of all I have to be grateful for when it comes to my pregnancy. I was able to carry this healthy baby full term. I get to enjoy his kicks just a little bit longer! I have one more day to clean the house and get everything prepped. There is so much to be thankful for that it brings me back to calm. Just a little bit of practicing patience is all I need until I get to meet my little man.

To update you, our Doctor recommended getting induced sooner rather than later to avoid complications like potential c-section or baby eating meconium in the womb (aka his first poop). While I was pretty set on having him come on his own terms, his health and safety is the most important thing to me. For some reason having a set time for him to come is actually calming and makes me less nervous but I still know there are quite a few possible complications that can come with getting induced.

We are going in tomorrow to induce and will be meeting him this weekend at some point! I am continuing to think positive and express my gratitude but would love your thoughts and prayers too!

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂 Can’t wait for you all to meet baby boy!

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