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Parisian Breakfast in Bed

Aug 8, 2018

Parisian Breakfast in BedParisian Breakfast in Bed Parisian Breakfast in Bed Parisian Breakfast in Bed Parisian Breakfast in Bed Parisian Breakfast in Bed Parisian Breakfast in Bed Parisian Breakfast in Bed

Parisian Breakfast in Bed

I finally got done editing most of the pictures from our trip to Europe. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite experiences in separate posts but thought I’d start with one of my favorites. We stayed at two hotels during our stay in Paris. The Sofitel near the Arc de Triomphe was where we stayed our last night and it was truly magical. The room we booked ended up not being available so they gave us the presidential suite. It was huge and dreamy and overlooked the streets of Paris. Needless to say, I never wanted to leave.

Our trip was filled to the brim with flights, train rides, walking, exploring, etc. that on our last day in Paris it felt so good to hang out in our robes for a bit and order some Parisian breakfast in bed. I get worn out pretty easily so with being on the go most of the trip I really treasured this peaceful morning looking out onto the Paris streets from our hotel room. Not to mention the breakfast was amazing. I am all about Parisian breakfast in bed. Eggs, pastries, and a strong cappuccino are quite possibly all I need in life. I also made sure to dip into my Hangover cure this morning since we ended up drinking a bit the night before. It was a lifesaver to be able to recover in Parisian paradise.

I think it’s safe to say Paris put me back on a cappuccino kick. That’s my go-to coffee drink again for a while! Anyone know of a good milk frother I should invest in?

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