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Nursery Tour

Jun 22, 2020

Nursery Tour
Nursery Tour
Nursery Tour
Nursery Tour

It has been a long time coming but I am so excited to finally share Ford’s nursery tour with you! Brock painted the room a beautiful blue and we finished all the decorating while I was pregnant and nesting. I have had these pictures since he was 3 weeks old but I am just now getting around to sharing everything. I guess this is my 9 months in 9 months out post at this point! Decorating his room has been so much fun because blue is my favorite color if you couldn’t tell. I think I was destined to have boys!

My favorite part of the room the side that his crib is on. This sign was actually in my bedroom at my parent’s house and I’ve always been so in love with it. Not only do I love that rustic style but the quote always meant so much to me. “I love you much most beautiful darling more than anyone on earth and I like you better than anything in the sky.” When I met Brock we had so many conversations about the moon and the stars and how much we loved the night sky. After finding out we were pregnant I knew instantly we would be decorating the entire nursery around this sign.

There were also these awesome built-in shelves in our house when we moved in so I used them to style some pictures and books. The baskets are where I keep his towels, sheets, and blankets to have everything handy!

I wanted his room to be bright and serene but also have a little bit of boy flare! I added a tiny hat wall since he for sure is going to be a hat and shoe collector if he is anything like his dada. Most of the decor is from Pottery Barn. Like the mobile, the rocking chair, and the crib. Then a few items we found at antique shops to add a few unique touches. The glider rocking chair from Pottery Barn is by far the best seat in the house. I can’t tell you how many hours Brock and I have spent in this chair and it is so peaceful. It’s where we rocked him to sleep and where we now read him bedtime stories.

We had his rug custom made from a local store because I wanted something that fit the whole room and that I could test out before buying. I settled on white even though that probably wasn’t the smartest move but it truly is the most comfortable rug there ever was. It’s soft and has extra cushion so I don’t worry about him falling and hurting himself.

Lastly, my mom gave us the custom name sign for his door and I love it so much. I think it was the perfect touch to complete the room! I am pretty sure she got it on Etsy! Which is also where his bookshelves are from.

I hope you guys enjoyed Ford’s nursery tour! Better late than never! Head to his latest update to see how much he’s been changing!

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