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New Year Products

Jan 19, 2021

Is there anything better than starting a new year with a fresh new mug or the perfect pair of comfy sweatpants? I am beyond excited to share all the new year products that have hit the Shop! 

New Year Products

Mama Fuel Coffee Mug:

As soon as I saw this color, I knew I had to include it on one of my new pieces! I love how big and bright this mug is. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a big cup of coffee in the cutest mug! This ceramic mug is wide and lets you enjoy a generous amount of hot chocolate, coffee, or maybe a little wine.

I run on caffeine and cuddles coffee mug:

This mug says it all for me! I love that it is perfect for travel and also has a big handle so I’m not spilling while juggling all the things throughout the day. This trendy camper mug is made of double-wall stainless steel with a black powder-coated finish and white handwritten design. It holds 17 oz. and is designed to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. No more microwaving your drink 100 times a day!

New Year Products

It’s a  jumbo coffee kind of morning coffee mug:

This mug is great for on the go for those mornings you need that extra cup of jo! Because let’s be honest, what morning isn’t a jumbo coffee kind of morning?! This will keep your drink hot or cold if you’re an iced coffee girl. Perfect for yourself or a gift to your fellow coffee lover!

New Year Products

Coffee runs and messy buns:

This travel tumbler is for mamas, dog mamas, or just anyone that runs on coffee and messy buns! You need this cup if you’re always on the go! You can buy it for yourself or your friends to enjoy! The tumbler includes a push-on lid with a flip-top, sip-through opening. The lid also includes a flip-top straw opening.

New Year Products

Mama mode sweatpants:

Get ready for the new year and chilly weather with the Women’s “Mama Mode” sweatpants. These soft and cozy sweatpants will soon be your favorite. With its trendy high waisted and true to size fit, this product is a real hug in a sweatpant. These can totally be dressed up or down, perfect for the busy mama!

I am so dang grateful that you guys are here and continue to stick around. This year has been a hard one for so many people. All I wanted to do with my new year products was put a smile on someone’s face and I’m beyond happy that my products have been able to brighten up some of your days. Getting messages from you about your love for this shop and the products you received means more to me than you’ll ever know. You’ve all been a light for me this past year!

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