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New Holiday Traditions

Dec 21, 2018

New Holiday Traditions New Holiday Traditions New Holiday Traditions New Holiday Traditions

New Holiday Traditions

Picking out a Christmas tree was always my favorite tradition of the Christmas season. My sister’s and I would get all bundled up and we would run up and down the lines of Christmas trees pretending we were in a forest of pine needles. We’d play tag and hide and seek and get muddy from head to toe. Then we would take turns each year on who picked out the tree and who put the angel on the top. It was always a huge fight about who got to do it. As years went on it just became my dad and I going up and down the rows picking the biggest most beautiful tree we could. And then eventually I came home from college one year and there were fake Christmas trees in the house. My heart just about broke. My favorite family tradition was no longer. And it was time to start my own.

This is my first year owning a house. All year I’ve been remodeling and filling the house with my favorite antique pieces and homey touches. It still is a huge work in progress but I’m so happy with my little house, it finally feels like home. Since this was my first Christmas in my new home I didn’t want to go overboard with the Christmas decorations but one thing I did want was a real Christmas tree. My place doesn’t have insanely high ceilings like my parents home but it does have the perfect corner for a little 5ft. tree. And it might be my favorite tree I’ve ever gotten.

Brock, Saint, and I went home to decorate it, made homemade lasagna and Christmas cookies, and drank some vino. Currently, the tree has 3 ornaments on it and Saint keeps biting the bottom branches but it’s my perfectly imperfect tree. When I look at our little tree I see all of our future trees that’ll take up that corner of my tiny living room and it makes me so happy. It might be a little different than my old favorite tradition but I love my new holiday tradition and can’t wait to make more.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

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  1. homeandharrow says:

    I also love going out and cutting down our Christmas tree, then decorating it while sipping Tom and Jerry’s and listening to Bing Crosby. Also, Saint is toooooo cute! Merry Christmas!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi. Where did you get that cute dog hat??

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