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My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex®

Sep 11, 2018

My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex®

This post was sponsored by Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex® My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex® My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex® My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex® My “Monthly” Routine with Playtex®

Something a lot of you may not know about me is that I’ve struggled with difficult periods since high school. I’ve had to go to the emergency room countless times because of the pain. I get bad breakouts and just feel all around miserable. While I’ve tried so many solutions, the only thing that really worked for me was to simplify my monthly routine. Periods aren’t always the most comfortable thing to talk about and obviously everyone’s body is different, but here is what works for me.

  1. Use Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide Tampons. With all of the changes I made to my routine I also wanted to feel good about the products I choose. That’s why I use Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide Tampons. Every ingredient used in Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide is rigorously evaluated to provide reliable protection that you can trust to be gentle and safe for your body (when used as instructed). The comfort shape applicator is free from colors, dyes, and BPA. I started to open my eyes to what I’m putting into my body and that includes the type of tampon I’m using. These tampons have been a lifesaver because while they are simple and gentle, they also do their job. Their purified fibers are washed up to five times and weaved together to form an absorbent core, and their 360º Protection™ shapes to your body for a protective barrier against leaks. With Simply Gentle Glide you can have the best of both worlds – it’s simple and a great value! In today’s world, sometimes there’s just too much extra! When it comes to tampons, you want it to work with the things you need – comfort, protection, and none of the “extra” bells and whistles you don’t.
  2. Wake yourself up with tea instead of coffee. The acidity from coffee can be super hard on your stomach and when you’re already dealing with menstrual cramps that’s not necessarily the best thing to put in your body. If you’re like me and still need that extra boost of caffeine, try some green tea or English breakfast tea instead.
  3. Take a morning and night stroll. Getting outside and staying active is key to keep your blood flowing all throughout your body (and not just your uterus). I try not to overdo it with the exercise, but it all depends on what your body is used to. For me, a brisk stroll in the morning and evening is perfect to get my heart rate up and mind off of the cramping.
  4. Avoid dairy. This is a tough one. It seems like it’s almost impossible to avoid my cravings around my time of the month. From milk chocolate to donuts to ice cream…I want it all. It’s crazy that your body craves these things when they actually make your period symptoms heighten. It helps me to avoid dairy.
  5. Take your Supplements. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation, so I’m sure to take enough to cover my bloating. Rhodiola. I am all about taking any and every herb supplement that has been thoroughly researched and benefits you in some way. It just so happens that Rhodiola aids with menstrual cramps quite a bit. I take them every day but even taking them a few days leading up to your period will help. Magnesium. My mood swings can get a little out of hand during my time of the month so magnesium helps me to de-stress. Not to mention curb my sugar cravings and ease my headaches. Please make sure to consult a doctor before taking any supplements.

I’m no expert, this is just what works for me. You may have to try a few different things before you find what works for your body but here is a coupon for $1 off at Target to get you started with Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide. If you’re not convinced, check out this “extra” video, it’ll have you on the floor laughing.


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  1. This was extremely helpful I too struggle with difficult periods so much so that I have had to get depo shots to help.

  2. Luci Cook says:

    Avoiding dairy has to be the hardiest for me because that what I all I want when I’m PMS. Really great tips.

  3. I never thought about eliminating dairy, especially during that time of the month. But it’s a smart idea since it can make you feel even more bloated.

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