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My Coffee Routine

Sep 7, 2020

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my coffee routine every morning. I like to switch it up every season but for the most part, I don’t change it too much. I normally have two cups a day and microwave it 400 times but this is how the process starts.

To start I brew a 10 oz Dunkin kcup in the Keurig. Then I’ll add two sugars and mix it. Lastly, I’ll add Planet Oat creamy oat milk. Sometimes I like to steam it and have it foamy, but who has time for that with a baby on your hip haha.

I also, love using our french press to make Dunkin coffee as well. If I have more time I’ll do that normally because it brews a stronger coffee and just tastes a little better in my opinion.

By the way, coffee just tastes better in general when you drink from a Donut Shop mug!

Coffee things:

Keurig: this machine is so convenient & my go-to way to make coffee!

Milk Frother: This milk frother is the one to get if you don’t want to spend a ton on a dual-action coffee maker like a nespresso. Also, I like frothing my coffee by hand to control how much foam I get!

French Press: when I have a little extra time, french press is my go-to. It’s a little tougher these days with Ford but I really do enjoy taking my time with my coffee routine by using this french press.

Dunkin Coffee: by far my favorite beans and company ever! If coffee could run through my veins, it would 100% be Dunkin coffee!

Planet Oat Creamy: this creamer is my favorite for non-dairy! It is so yummy and creamy, I actually like it better than regular creamer or milk now! It also froths really good for being nondairy!

How do you guys enjoy your morning coffee?!

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