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Morning Coffee with Keke – My “Why”

Oct 12, 2018

Morning Coffee with Keke Morning Coffee with Keke Morning Coffee with Keke Morning Coffee with Keke Morning Coffee with Keke Morning Coffee with Keke Morning Coffee with Keke

Morning Coffee with Keke

Last night my boyfriend and I were sitting at dinner and I was talking about this new series I started called Morning Coffee with Keke here on Donuts and Daisies. I was saying, “you know I just don’t think I’m going to be able to do it every week. I didn’t get enough good feedback, not enough people are asking me questions that I could go in depth about. I feel like maybe it was a bad idea to do it weekly.” He responded with don’t worry about the results of today, just trust in the process. Then he proceeded to say so many people know what you like to do and what makes you happy but what is your why?

It never really occurred to me that I wasn’t sharing my whole story or that I wasn’t diving deep enough. For someone that is extremely introverted, I felt like I was sharing too much already and some of you may think so too lol. I am an extremely logical person, I’m constantly overthinking and overanalyzing, my mind never stops running but I also have an extremely hard time getting those thoughts out of my head and into the universe. I am shy, I struggle with small talk, I get nervous about going to a party or talking in front of a group of people, heck even friends!

When I first started Donuts and Daisies my only real intention was having it be a storage unit for all my recipes and outfit choices that nobody cared about. Soon it started becoming a home for much more than that and in turn, it slowly became so much more to me. I love this space because yes I get to share pretty things whether it’s an outfit, how to host a dinner party or yummy recipes. But why I will continue to show up for and love Donuts and Daisies is because it is who I am. I feel like I can wholeheartedly be myself and not overthink things or be nervous. When I’m baking, taking pictures, or writing I get to be my most creative and honest. I sometimes feel I can type what I can’t find the words to say out loud or I can show so much more in just a simple picture.

So my why?

It is to keep being wholeheartedly myself and hopefully inspire someone out there that it doesn’t matter if you are the most outgoing person in the room or the happiest or whatever the heck you are. As long as you find a way to be yourself you’re doing something right.

Anyway, I’m off to brew another cup of coffee per usual with a side of my maple pecan roasted oats! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below on morning coffee with keke. Have a great weekend folks 🙂

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  1. Casey says:

    I can totally relate to overanalyzing and overthinking, including about my blog schedule or blogging topics!

  2. Mary Meier says:

    I agree! Being true to yourself, no matter what you are “doing” is really important!

  3. Marielle says:

    I love your authenticity on this post. I can actually feel your emotions while reading it. Keep doing what you do!

  4. Isra says:

    Very relateable! Thanks for keeping it real❤

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