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Memorial Day Barbecue with Bevmo

May 11, 2018

*This is a sponsored post by BevMo and is for those 21+. But all thoughts and opinions

are my own!*

I always love hosting a barbecue and what better time to have all your friends over and celebrate
than Memorial Day? It’s the perfect time to get people together, enjoy some good
food and drinks, and soak up some sunshine.

Grilling is one of my favorite things to do but the second most important part of a barbecue is
obviously the beverages! You gotta make sure you’re stocked with some good beer and cocktails
for your guests. Even though this is a super important part I almost always forget some kind of
beverage for everyone. Bevmo! Makes it so easy to get everything you need in one trip!
For starters, they have stores all over the west coast. I mean like as many as a Starbucks
on every corner. Talk about convenience! Also, they have options for you whether you want to
order everything online and pick it up later or even get your order delivered. This is the kind of
stress-free help every host needs.

For this barbecue, I picked up some of my favorites! In my opinion, you can never go wrong
with a corona and lime. I stocked up on those for everyone to enjoy and hid a couple in the fridge
so I wouldn’t run out. Coronas are an all all-time favorite at my parties so I make sure I
always have plenty to go around.

Ever since someone told me vodka is the least likely to give you a hangover, I’ve been strictly
using this for my party cocktails. I don’t want anyone coming to my place and then wishing they
hadn’t the next day…amiright? Anyway, I made a little vodka tonic with my favorite Fever Tree
tonic water right now. Added some lemon juice, mint, and fruit to garnish and voila! A nice
healthy little cocktail for your friends. It’s a super light drink which is good for a daytime
barbecue too!

Lastly, I made some trendy frose which was actually super refreshing. I typically go for the
red wines but since barbecues are during the day you don’t want your drinks to be too heavy and
make people sleepy. The frose was delicious and was a huge hit. Garnished with a little rosemary
and there you go. You’ve got barbecue party drinks people!

If you decide to host your own Memorial Day barbecue make sure you head over
to Bevmo! to hit their Memorial Day sale. It’s convenient and doesn’t break the
bank! Happy Memorial Day friends!

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  1. Everything looks lovely and inviting. I love the presentation of the Coronas!

  2. Clair says:

    Loving these ideas for a Memorial Day barbecue, especially the addition of the fruit. You have given me ideas for our barbecue 🙂

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