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Maxi Dress Magic

Apr 16, 2017

I’ve never been a huge fan of maxi dresses because of my height. I’m always too tall for them and they end up looking flooded on me, so I avoided them until fairly recently. I saw this maxi dress online and fell in love a little bit. I love how the slit in the front breaks up the dress being as little to short on me! This dress has inspired me to wear more maxis though and I’ve already purchased a few more. They’re stylish, comfortable, and make you feel kind of magical, so why wouldn’t we take advantage of that?

Maxi dresses are perfect for every occasion and I’ll definitely be wearing mine today for easter. Whether you’re frolicking barefoot on a farm or lounging by the pool I’ve put together a few of my favorite maxi dresses on the market right now! The one I’m wearing is unfortunately not being sold anymore, but there are some super cute dresses I think you guys will love below.


I hope you all have an amazing Easter filled with love, family, and lots of Reese’s easter eggs 😉 

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  1. GORGEOUS! That dress is perfection!

    xoxo, Christie

  2. jotimann says:

    This dress is gorgeous! It looks so good with the hat and your nails match perfectly. I hope you also have an amazing Easter!

  3. Sheila Joy says:

    I love this dress on you and the photos complement it so well! I actually have the opposite problem with maxi dresses, since I’m short! The slit on this dress can work for any height and I love how it cinches at the waist.

  4. The blush pink is so gorgeous and I love it paired with the hat.

  5. Afroza Khan says:

    The color and style of this maxi dress is so beautiful!

  6. Stacey says:

    This maxi is so cute! I was afraid of maxi for the longest time as well because I am short and did’t know if they would work, but I now love them!


  7. I love this dress….the hat too. And that blur on your nails!!!

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