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Life Lately

Aug 15, 2022

Can’t believe it’s been over a year since I have posted on my blog. I didn’t really mean to take a break, but life lately just got a little crazy and time slipped through my fingertips.

After spending a bit too much time on social media and not in the healthiest way I started feeling less than. Less put together than other moms, less fun, less loving, and playful. I stopped sharing as much of our lives because this feeling became paralyzing. I got to thinking about what the point was of even being on social media. Why was I wasting all this time scrolling and watching other people’s lives? When did I stop living mine to the fullest? Motherhood can be hard and the days can seem long, but that shouldn’t mean we stop doing all the things that bring us joy and magic into our lives.

I got to thinking about why I started this whole blogging journey to begin with. I wanted to share my life with you all, my favorite recipes, our family trips, our lows and our highs. But I realized I skipped over a lot of those. Life got hard and messy and I closed off to you all. I shared what I could on social media, but I didn’t bring you into my struggles and some of our hard times.

So here I am back on the blog. Ready to share it all with you and bring you back into our lives (the good and the bad)! Starting here with a few magical and not-so-magical moments in time.

Life Lately

I’ve really missed you all and can’t wait to keep walking on this journey together.

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