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How to pack a carry on for a long flight

Jul 17, 2018

How to pack a carry on for a long flightHow to pack a carry on for a long flightHow to pack a carry on for a long flight

My boyfriend and I just got back from Europe and had about a 10-hour flight each way. The flight there was a redeye and I was prepared to sleep the whole time. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. I was definitely wishing I packed my carry-on with a few more things to entertain me. I should have known better, but here is my advice on how to pack a carry on for a long flight, even if it’s a redeye.

How to pack a carry on for a long flight

For my carry on, I normally pack my camera backpack that is comfortable and has lots of extra room. I also like to bring a small wallet for when I travel which is perfect for storing tickets and money. It’s important to put the stuff you don’t need on the flight at the bottom of your bag. Items you will need access to should be packed last so they’re at the top and in easy-to-access pockets. So the backup outfit you packed in case your luggage goes missing should go in first. Things like your ticket, ID, or headphones should be at the top.

Next, I pack a little pouch with emergency cosmetics. In it, I’ll have my face wipes, toothbrush, deodorant, Advil
PM, tinted moisturizer (my favorite right now is Laura Mercier), mascara, lip balm and eye masks. Eye masks are a great addition because with the high altitudes and the cool plane your skin can get super dehydrated.

Being comfortable is the most important thing to me so I almost always wear a sweat outfit on long flights. Packing fuzzy socks is also a must since I get chilly easily and I hate keeping the socks on that I wear through the security check. Bringing an extra pair of underwear doesn’t hurt either. The girl next to me spilled her sprite on me during the first hour of the flight so things got a little sticky. Accidents happen people! I also am sure to pack a sleep mask. So that if I am able to fall asleep I won’t be disrupted by the person’s reading light next to me.

Lastly, don’t forget to pack some entertainment. Whether it’s a book or a tablet (with a portable charger), you’ll want something to keep you busy during the hours you’re not sleeping. This ensures you don’t drink too many glasses of wine to distract yourself either… I hope this post will help you with how to pack a carry on for a long flight.


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  1. I love your emergency cosmetics kit! I need to include one of those and I’m OBSESSED with that bag!

  2. Belle says:

    Love that bag! I’m so paranoid about lost bags that even when I check a bag, I pack as much as I can into my carry-on lol.

  3. I always feel like my carry on is more important than my suitcase. There is nothing worse than being on a long flight and realize you are missing things 30,000 feet up.

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