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How To Avoid Mom Burnout

Nov 9, 2020

There are no jobs in the world that are 24/7/365 like being a stay at home mom. We adore our children. They are the air we breathe and the reason that we get up in the morning. They bring us a joy and fulfillment that we didn’t know was possible. However, they are also the reason that we sometimes lock ourselves in the bathroom and have a good cry while their little fingers reach under the door.

If you are a mom, and especially a stay at home mom, you are well aware that mom burnout is a real thing. This holds especially true in these current times of a pandemic, where many of us have been thrown into the world of not just momming, but also being virtual teachers, as well as being stuck at home due to quarantine rules. This is a potential recipe for disaster, so today, I would like to share some of my tried and true tips for avoiding mom burnout.

Mom Burnout

1. Share the Workload

We are all familiar with the old adage, many hands make light work, and when you’re a stay at home, there is ALWAYS another call to make, another drop-off or pick-up, more laundry to do, the next meal. The list seems endless, and that is because it is. Mom burnout can hit fast and furiously when you try to do everything on your own. While it is great to be an independent woman, there is absolutely no shame in asking for help. In fact, I highly recommend it. 

Ask your partner to assist you in your carpool duties or making sure dinner gets on the table. Have the kiddos help with age appropriate chores. If you are able, hire someone to come and give your house a good deep cleaning once a month. There is no reason you have to shoulder everything alone.

2. It’s OK to Say No

When you are a mom, you are sure to get inundated with constant requests for your time and attention. A surefire way of avoiding mom burnout is learning to say no. There is no shame in using this powerful two letter word, and doing so could save your sanity. Figure out where your passions lie and also prioritize requests. By taking the time to do this, you assure that what you are investing your time and effort into is fulfilling and worthwhile. 

Mom Burnout

3. Take YOU Time

As a stay at home mom, we are the ultimate givers. We give to our kids. We give to our partners, but we rarely give to ourselves. Not taking time for you will quickly result in your fuel tank running dry and mom burnout taking over. Please make sure that you schedule out moments to pamper yourself. Grab a leisurely bath, take a walk and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, go out with some girlfriends and laugh until your stomach hurts. Making sure that you schedule time to focus on you each day guarantees that you will be able to recharge and feel refreshed.

4. Schedule Sleep

Scheduling sleep may sound slightly odd, but in the world of a mom, it seems that finding restorative rest often gets shoved to the back burner. We all know that our workload seems so much harder to handle when we are sleep deprived. In addition, negatives seem so much worse when we are running on empty. It is so very important to do your best to make sure you are getting adequate rest each day. Schedule bedtime, and do your best to commit to the schedule. You will find that getting the appropriate amount of sleep will greatly improve your mental and physical well-being.

5. Drop the Devices

We are constantly surrounded by technology, and when you are a stay at home mom, it can feel like your phone or other device is your connection to the outside world, but all this device time can cause unnecessary stress. Surfing social media can make you feel like you aren’t living up to everyone’s Pinterest board lives, and the constant screen time can actually increase sleeping issues and feelings of anxiety and depression. So, unplug for a bit and get one step closer to avoiding mom burnout.

Hopefully, these tips from one busy mom to all you other amazing moms will help you take some positive steps in recharging those maternal batteries so that you can be the best you for yourself and your family.

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  1. Cathers says:

    Such a lovely post! So important to have me time – makes such a difference x

  2. Katherine says:

    Great tips! Being a mom is hard work! Keep up the good work!

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