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Holiday Gift Guide – Homebody

Nov 12, 2020

Since I might be the biggest homeboday on the planet it only makes sense that my gift Holiday Gift Guide is for the Homebody

Holiday Gift Guide - Homebody

1. Jessica Simpson Slippers

I am the type of person that has to have slippers on in the house and these slippers are everything. I used to have the ugg slippers but they felt so heavy and not as soft as you’d expect. These are memory foam and super soft and lightweight. Seriously such a steal, it’s crazy!

2. Diffuser

If you’re staying at home, ditch the candles this season and get a diffuser. If you get one that has changing lights, it’s perfect to set the mood for the holidays too!

2. Vitruvi Pacific Essential Oil

This is my new favorite oil to diffuse, it smells amazing and is the perfect way to end a busy day. Really helps you relax into the evening.

4. Our Place Pan

Okay I bought this pan on an instagram ad and it is a game changer! I am thinking about buying a second and throwing out all of our other pans. It has so many uses and is such great quality. I will never buy another pan!

5. Barefoot Dreams Fuzzy Socks

Same thing with slippers, I am weird and have this thing about being barefoot. I just can’t do it. Even on hot days my feet need socks to feel protected haha These fuzzy socks are my all-time favorite for the chilly season. They are so soft and keep my feet so cozy!

6. The Five Minute Journal

Give the gift of gratitude to your homebody friend! This journal gives people a daily prompt to live a life filled with gratitude. It’s t

7. Amazon Echo

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is set a timer on Amazon echo to write in my gratitude journal. Then once ford is up we turn on some pump up music to get the day started. I use it to set timers throughout the day and ask questions when my hands are dirty. It’s the best thing ever and the perfect gift for the homebody!

8. Let’s Stay Home Sign

I mean if you’re a homebody you need this sign, end of story.

9. Keep You Warm Blanket

How cute and snuggly is this blanket?! Throws with chic patterns like this one are so perfect for keeping out around the house, too.

10. Breakfast Tray

This tray comes in handy so much when I’m working from home but also is perfect for eating breakfast in bed or your hot cocoa for nights cozying up on the couch!

I hope you guys like this Holiday Gift Guide for the Homebody. Stay tuned because the next guide goes lives tomorrow!

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