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Holiday Gift Guide – Coffee Lover

Nov 18, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide - Coffee Lover

Coffee Mug Warmer

The first item on the Holiday Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover is for all the mamas that find themselves leaving their coffee in the microwave! I do it all the time but this little gadget lets you leave your coffee in plain sight while you forget about

Nespresso Machine

I think we all could use this espresso machine, for real! I put it on multiple gift guides because it is the perfect gift for everyone.

Milk Frother

Who doesn’t love a foamy coffee in the winter? The only thing I hate though is the bulkiness of the frother pots so this little gismo is awesome for fancy coffees at home without taking up so much counter space!

Enamel Pot

This little pot is my favorite for heating up oat milk for my coffee. Makes a cute gift if you fill it with hot cocoa mix too!

Travel Mug

I love travel mugs because they keep my coffee warm for a while even if I’m not on the go! This one is super cute and unique.

Coffee Mug Rack

If your coffee lover friends have a mug collection, they’ll love this mug rack to display all of their favorites by their coffee bar.

Dunkin KCups

Coffee addiction can add up so a great gift for a coffee lover is simply to buy them coffee. Especially if they have a keurig, Kcups make an awesome gift!

Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Canisters

These look great on a styled coffee bar and what coffee love doesn’t need storage for all their coffee, tea, and sugar!!


Similar to the nespresso, this is an amazing gift for a coffee lover. This is a bit cheaper than the nespresso but an amazing coffee maker. Would be fun to pair it with some Kcups and you’ve got yourself the best gift of Christmas!

Cozy Coffee Socks

Every coffee lover needs a pair of these socks. End of story.

Christmas Coffee Mug

Lastly, but most definitely not least is this Cookies, Coffee, and Christmas mug! A small gift idea would be to wrap this mug up with some kcups and a pair of the cozy coffee socks. It makes the perfect gift for a friend or neighbor who loves coffee!!

I hope you guys like this Holiday Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover. Let me know if I missed any good ones in the comments! Check out my gift guide for the homebody next.

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