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Habits of Happy Moms

Sep 24, 2020

Habits of Happy Moms

Habits of Happy Moms

When you think of being a mother, the very thought alone can be fulfilling. Happiness doesn’t feel like something that we should have been looking to stay on top of during our journey; at least that’s something I didn’t think I would have to stay on top of. 

That first time you hold your child is like the world becoming completely perfect. You are truly a happy Mom. Everything is right in your world and there isn’t anything that could take away from that… And then normal life kicks in once you’re home with baby along with all of the routines, stressors, and duties. Being happy feels like a thing of the past sometimes, but it isn’t necessarily that you’re not happy, but more that you’re feeling disconnected. 

As a Mom, I can promise you, that you are not alone at all in this feeling of disconnectedness. Many times through my journey with Ford, I’ve felt like the happy face I was putting on was just a mask covering up a not so sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Mom but sometimes things are just overwhelming. Being honest about what we’re feeling is the first step to creating good habits of a happy Mom. 

Today, I want to discuss a few other habits of happy Moms that you can bring into your own experience of Motherhood. 

Don’t Forget About the Things You Love

Before you had your baby, was there something you did every week, month, or year that you knew you couldn’t live without? When was the last time you did that? If we’re being honest, probably not since before you got pregnant. Once you become a mother it’s so hard not to get lost within being just being able to be Mom all the time. We forget that feeling of soul connection we had when we would go on a girls weekend with our best friends. Or whatever your hobby and passion you had before baby came. We all have those things we find in life that set our soul on fire and bring unadulterated joy. Focusing on being a Mom can take us away from those things, but it doesn’t have to at all. Being a fellow Mom, you probably have an existence system, a calendar you keep for your family, go through it and build in blocks of time for you to reconnect with whatever hobby or activity you love. What are some things you loved doing that you’re feeling like you don’t have the time for since becoming a Mom?

Happy Moms Make Time For Their Relationships

Once Ford came, it felt for a while that finding time to connect with Brock was nearly impossible. Making time for your relationship is such an important facet to being a happy Mom. It might even be one of the most impactful good habits to have as Mom. Children become priority number one for both you and your husband once they arrive on the scene, this is normal. Most couples forget that they matter too. They forget to keep dating after baby comes. When was the last time that you and your husband went out to dinner, just the two of you? Even just a 90-minute night out can make a difference in your relationship. However, you choose to do it, connecting again with your husband and making that relationship a priority, I found, makes both Brock and I better parents to Ford. 

This one isn’t easy at all as we oftentimes think that when something comes up on date night that it can just be moved to next week. While, yes, date night can be moved the more often this happens the less connected you’ll feel to your husband and the relationship. Being a happy Mom means maintaining good habits and making things like date night part of your non-negotiables. 

Happy Moms Practice Gratitude

Staying in a space of grace and gratitude can be quite difficult some days, there’s no denying that. Whether it’s through journaling, reading, or other mindfulness activities that you may do, be sure to make time appreciate every moment. Each day will have its highs and lows, and some just seem like endless lows where nothing is going your way. These days are especially hard as a Mom to stay happy, but it’s not impossible. I keep a gratitude journal, and on days like that find myself opening it up and re-reading some past things I’ve written in it. This can keep me connected to what’s important on my journey to being a happy Mom.

What are some other good habits you have that you’ve found bring you happiness? 

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