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Giving November – Partnership with Tirzah International

Nov 16, 2017

Lately I’ve been so focused on work, blogging, starting my own business, that I’ve lost a little piece of myself in the mix. I have gotten so caught up in my routine and working my little butt off, that I have been neglecting one of the most important aspects of my life: giving back. Well what better time to get back on track than giving November?

I hadn’t heard of Tirzah International until just a few weeks ago, but in getting to know what they’re all about, I already feel a deep connection to this community.┬áSocial Media Manager and my friend Emma Reimers does an amazing job describing what Tirzah does, “Tirzah International is a global network of grassroots movements. We partner with women leaders in their own nations to combat poverty, exclusion from education, modern-day slavery, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women and girls. We do this by helping women increase their security by earning more income, by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds they carry, and by cultivating and equipping advocates who are willing to use their voices, skills, talents, and influence to work for gender equality and justice.” Here is an awesome graphic that does a great job describing how Tirzah works as well:


I don’t know about you but this is the type of network I want to support. This Giving November I’ll be doing my best to give support to Tirzah in every way that I can. Today I am releasing my first eCookbook, Christmas Cookie Classics! It’s something that I’ve worked super hard on to get to you guys before the holidays. I’ve compiled 28+ of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes into one eBook for you and it’s only $3.99. Yes, you heard me right! And as if it could get any better I’m donating 10% of my proceeds to Tirzah International. So not only will you be getting access to the tastiest cookie recipes for the holidays, you will also be giving back to women all over the world. Before you get ready for Black Friday and all of your Christmas shopping, treat yourself or someone you love to this eCookbook and do a little good in the process. Get your hands on a copy in the Donut Shop now and it’ll get sent straight to your inbox! Also, if this eCookbook isn’t for you, but you still would like to donate…no big! You can donate to Tirzah here:

Happy Giving November my friends!! What are you going to do this month to give back? Let’s get creative together!

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  1. OMG love this. What a great cause and I do love Christmas Cookies!

    xoxo Christie

  2. Kate Allyson says:

    That sounds like a great organization! I think it’s great that they work with local leaders, instead of imposing their own agenda. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nita says:

    A whole load of cookies for a great cause! It just doesn’t get any better!

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