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Friday Favorites – Amazon Edition

Nov 20, 2020

For this weeks friday favorite I wanted to do Amazon edition because let’s face it we have about 10 amazon packages a week on our front porch and I may have a serious addiction…

Because I’m getting All the things on Amazon though, I’m able to share with you what we’ve been LOVING!! There are too many things to share but these are my top favorites recently!

Replay Baby Tumbler Cups

friday favorite - Amazon edition

Ford loves drinking out of mama’s big water jug which is not always so fun for mama when he steals it constantly so I got him his own cute little baby tumblers with straws! He can’t be trusted alone with it yet because he just chews on the straw but he loves that he gets to drink out of a straw like mama!

Disney Waffle Maker

I have been on a huge waffle kick lately. I figured out how to make eggless waffles (because Ford is allergic to egg) and it’s now our favorite breakfast treat to share together. I have a few different waffle makers now but this one is Ford’s favorite. Anything with Mickey Mouse is A-Okay in Ford’s book.

Amazon Echo Holder

I could never stand cords floating all over the place but especially now since having Ford, it’s not an option to have cords handing around. This amazon echo holder is perfect to wrap your cord up and keep your kitchen (or wherever yours lives) clean!

HP Photo printer

I love making little memory scrapbooks for my family and instead of paying for a service to make one every time, I got this printer so I can make them whenever I want and add high quaity printed pictures without having to pay extra or have them printed. Definitely worth the investment!

Mist Your Mood Spray

Anything having to do with essential oils and setting the perfect mood through scent is for me. Whether it’s placebo or not I truly feel like the scent of a room changes my mood. When I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to set up my oil diffused I’ll spray a little bit of this and it makes all the difference!

Amazon Echo

friday favorite - Amazon edition

If you don’t have one of these little guys you’re missing out. It connects to so many smart devices throughout our house and I get so much use out of it every day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s Friday Favorites. Check out this gift guide for the Homebody next. What’s your favorite amazon purchase recently?

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