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Favorite Fall Face Masks

Nov 1, 2018

Favorite Fall Face Masks Favorite Fall Face Masks Favorite Fall Face Masks Favorite Fall Face Masks

I have a love-hate relationship with my skin. It seems as though every time I would find a good routine that made a difference shortly after, another problem would arise. For example, when I finally got my oilyness under control my skin became super dry. When I got breakouts under control I would all of a sudden have seriously clogged pores. It kind of felt like I just couldn’t catch a break. I can honestly say I have a good system down to keep my skin on the right track and keep me happy. The secret (for me) is to change things up. I have to rotate through multiple skincare routines in order to keep my skin on its toes! I switch it up as often as every other day and morning to night.

My skin is super sensitive so I can’t use anything too harsh or intense, but I have found that using just a few simple products and rotating them really does the trick. During the fall I like to rotate through different face masks weekly when my skin needs a little extra love and attention. These are three that I am loving and using on repeat this fall.

Favorite Fall Face Masks

Rose Face Mask

Fresh beauty is a go-to of mine because their products are simple and perfect for people with sensitive skin. I love their Rose Face Mask when my skin needs a little extra hydration. I also suffer from melasma and have red skin often so it works wonders on balancing your skin tone. This is probably my most used face mask because it feels super cool and refreshing on my skin when it’s in need of some extra love.

Umbrian Clay Pore Mask

This is one of my favorite face masks to use in the fall because I always get super dry skin and clogged pores. The Umbrian Clay mask is perfect for all skin types because it is gentle and can be used as a daily deep cleanser or to minimize imperfections when needed. This mask, in my opinion really reduces the appearance of pores while also not drying out my skin.when my pores are feeling clogged. This is key during the winter because my skin is already dry enough as it is, can I get an Amen?!

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask

Lastly, this mask is my ultimate fall favorite because it smells like pumpkins, duh. For reals though when I’ve gotten facials in the past they always tell me enzyme masks are the way to go when it comes to dry, dull, and congested. The list of the results from this mask goes on and on. It also helps even the appearance of skin tone (this is a biggy for me!), smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and clarify to reveal skin that looks smoother and brighter.

I’m by no means a beauty or skincare expert, these products are just what work for me and my stubborn skin. I’ve linked a few more of my favorites below. What’s your go-to face mask?

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  1. cindy says:

    I have not tried Fresh’s mask, but I LOVE their sugar scrub. Thanks for introducing me to their masks! I’ll definitely try them out.

  2. Nice, I definitely want to try the Rose. I didn’t know they had pumpkin ones! So neat!

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