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Closet Clean out

Aug 10, 2018

closet clean outcloset clean outcloset clean outcloset clean outcloset clean outcloset clean outcloset clean out

Towards the end of summer, I like to do a serious closet clean out.

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a little space between your hangers especially with fall creeping in. Need to make room for all of those cute warm weather clothes. Well maybe not so much in LA, but a girl can dream! I always follow this rule to avoid hanging onto too much stuff. If an item doesn’t fit well or look good on me, or I haven’t worn it in a year, I get rid of it. Clutter is seriously draining and can have a negative impact on your energy level and your mood! Getting dressed should be a positive experience each morning. You can turn this experience into a fun one too by inviting a friend over to help and offer up a glass of wine! Just don’t drink too much or you’ll end up having a fashion show and make more of a mess than you bargained for.

For me, whenever I go shopping and bring new items into my closet, I like to go through and get rid of the same amount of pieces I just purchased. That way I’m not overloading my space with pieces I’m not wearing and it keeps my wardrobe full of things that I love.

After a closet clean out, I’m sure there is a lot of stuff you’ll be able to sell on eBay or poshmark, but it’s always a great idea to think about donating. Check out your nearest salvation army or goodwill. I like to bring my clothes to a local church. There are always families too afraid or proud to ask for help and I know the church does a good job of taking care of those people.

Let me know how your end of summer closet clean out goes!

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