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Bathtime with OXO tot

Jan 22, 2020

Pictured above Ford was 1.5 months old and below he is 4 months!

When we first brought ford home from the hospital we had mastered the sponge bath but I was so nervous for when it was time to give him his first real bath. We had one of those sling tubs that you can put in the sink and he did not like it one bit. He let out a cry that I’d never heard before and it broke my heart. From then on I dreaded bathtime because I knew he hated it so much and it was going to be a disaster every time.

There had to be a way to make bathtime more enjoyable for him so we decided to change it up. We tested out the new OXO Tot tub and put him in the bathtub instead of the sink. The first bath was a game-changer. He was the calmest I’d ever seen him. It was like he flipped a switch and suddenly he couldn’t wait to get in the bath.

Obviously everyone’s baby is different and what your baby likes might be different from mine but here are just a few things we love about the Oxotot tub.

Grows with your baby, but without having a bunch of different parts. It’s all-in-one design is easy-to-use from newborn all the way up to 18 months. the narrow side cradles your newborn and makes them feel safe and hugged while giving momma some piece of mind. While the other side works great for when baby is able to sit up on their own and wants to splash around. I can’t wait to test this side out with Ford!

Also, the post in the center is for security and stability. For babies just starting to sit up on their own, the support post gives them a little extra security while bathing.

I like to drain the tub water a few times during bathtime to keep the water clean and fresh for Ford. The design makes that seamless with a quick-release drain that is super easy to access – even with baby in the tub.

I think the biggest selling point for us is that it folds flat for compact storage and has a hanging hook. It is ideal for our 900 sq. ft. home and helps us keep the bathroom clutter-free.

The OXO Tot tub has made such a difference in our bathtime routine and daily life. It has now become a time that we cherish and bond together instead of trying to rush to get through it. I seriously cannot recommend the tub enough. I am looking forward to watching Ford grow with each and every bathtime!

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