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Baby Products we love

Apr 23, 2020

It’s insane how fast life happens. Welcoming our precious Ford Brocklan Pledger into the world has been amazing and as of yesterday he is 7 months old. I posted a baby Q&A to my IGTV and answered a few of your questions. There is also a little giveaway at the end to win a few baby items and a target gift card. Since I’m giving away a few baby products I thought it’d be a good time to share this post about the baby products we love right now and these past 7 months. Here are some of our faves…

Baby Products we love
Baby Products we love

Drool bibs: These are key for a teething baby. You’d think we left a faucet on with the amount Ford drools!

Tubby Todd all over ointment: This stuff is magic! From drool rash to scratches on his face, to an everyday lotion. This ointment DOES IT ALL. Could not recommend this stuff enough.

Playmat: I love this mat because it’s big enough for Ford to roam and soft for him to crawl on. Also, love that it doubles as a rug. Will probably use it in my office when we are finished having babies!

Peek a boo elephant: He has loved this since day 1 and still can’t get enough. Every time we turn the elephant on he screams and gets so excited.
Gripe Water: Must-have for a gassy baby!

Kyte pajamas: Love how soft and breathable these one-piece pajamas are.

Fawn Diaper Bag: So cute! It looks like my purse not your typical daiper bag but also fits so much stuff.

Dreft: The best baby detergent! We wash our clothes in it we love it so much!

Aveeno Shampoo: Love this lavender scent and it makes bathtime with Ford so relaxing and gets him ready for bed.

Nested Bean Sleepsack: This seriously came in handy during Ford’s sleep regression. He couldn’t be swaddled anymore but this sleepsack acts as a natural weight to make your baby think your hand is on them. He still sleeps with his today and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon!

Lovevery Subscription Kit: This kit is incredible. I was so worried about not know what toys Ford would need to play with or feeling like I was not helping his development enough. This company sends you a kit every 2 months with new toys and books that help your child develop on time. Ford loves everything that comes with each kit.

I know I am missing so many of the baby products we love but these are off the top of my head favorites. I hope you guys have time to watch our IGTV and enter the giveaway!

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