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Baby Items We Can’t Live Without

Oct 19, 2020

I haven’t done a baby update in a while so I thought I’d share some of the baby items we can’t live without! There are so many baby products/ companies out there so it can be hard to find ones that you align with and truly love. These are a few that we love, are consistently putting out amazing products and we will continue to buy from and share about!

Tubby Todd

Baby Items We Can't Live Without

We have been using Tubby Todd products since Ford was a newborn and have never switched it up because there has been no need. All of their baby products are great for sensitive skin babies and eczema issues. I’ll be honest I even use the all over ointment on myself sometimes when I have super dry skin and it works wonders! Here are our favorite products from their shop:

Lovevery Kits

Baby Items We Can't Live Without

When it came to the right toys for Ford’s development I had no idea where to start. As a new mom you just have so much information to remember and absorb that his toys fell to the bottom of the list. Lovevery took the guess work out of it and helps you make sure you kids are on track with development. They have subscription play-kits that get delivered to you every three months or so. It’s perfect to refresh your child’s toys while making sure they’re playing with the right things!

Nurture Life

I am all about convenience these days and something that has helped me immensely is Nurture life baby meal delivery! I am just not one of those moms that can cook every meal perfect and I’m not trying to do mac n cheese for every meal haha They have meals for babies, kids, teens, and the whole family! It truly has changed our lives for the better and we know Ford is getting all the nutrients he needs which puts my mama heart at ease! You can use code: KELLY15 for $15 off your first order.

Ball Pit

This ball pit will forever be my best mama purchase ever. Ford never gets tired of it and it is 100% his favorite thing to do all day. The one drawback is that you’re constantly picking up balls at the end of the day but I think it’s worth it for how happy it makes my baby! It is definitely one of the best baby items we can’t live without!

High Chair

WE used to have a big bulky highchair before we invested and this one and let me tell you it makes all the difference. Our house is covered in baby things from head to toy but the kitchen it one area I wanted to keep relatively clear of his things. It’s my happy place and the more space I have in the kitchen, the better! So throw out that bulky high chair and get this one, you won’t regret it!

Travel Stroller

We love our regular stroller but for quick trips on the go or errands with just me and Ford, I like to take the travel stroller. It’s so easy to set up and take down that I can do it one-handed while holding Ford! It’s also super lightweight but still great quality. Ford is comfortable and my life is easier, it’s a win-win!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post of the baby items we can’t live without! You can check this one out for our last update of baby products we loved!

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