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Abercrombie Obsessions

Nov 6, 2020

It’s so funny to me that most of my wardrobe now is from Abercrombie and American Eagle. Used to be when I was growing up you weren’t cool unless you were wearing Abercrombie or American Eagle. Then we kind of outgrew that phase and somewhere along the way, their stuff started looking real cute to me again haha and then I started having serious Abercrombie obsessions!

Their clothes are sooo comfortable and cute at the same time which I find is really hard to come by. A lot of times I get cute loungewear and end up never wearing it because it’s not as soft or comfy as I thought it would be. With Abercrombie everything is so soft and cute. I feel like I could get away with wearing their loungewear or even the sleepwear out and about and people wouldn’t question it.

I put together a quick list of a few of my Abercrombie obsessions that I’ve been wearing a lot of lately. I have been making more of an effort to get ready for the day even if we don’t plan on leaving the house so these pieces make it super easy! And now that it’s starting to get cold, these pieces are perfect to stay cute and cozy at the same time!

Abercrombie Obsessions

I hope you guys enjoy these pics from my latest Abercrombie Obsessions. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been living in comfy clothes so why not make em cute too!

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