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A Dozen Donuts- Summer Edition

Jul 18, 2018


I have a journal that I write in almost every night just a few things that I’m grateful for that day. It has helped me stay positive and it really helps me to keep an open mind. I thought I’d start sharing with you guys every season a few of the things I’ve been grateful for and written down in my journal and hopefully would inspire you to share some of the things you’re grateful for as well. Here are a dozen (donuts) things I’m grateful for this Summer:

  1. The Ocean

    • I couldn’t explain to you how much I love living near the ocean. It’s kind of crazy because I don’t surf, I can’t swim, and I’m terrified of tsunamis but there is something so peaceful about sitting in the sand and looking out into the beautiful blue water. The sound of the waves crashing helps me reset and put things into perspective everytime I hear it.
  2. Country Music

    • Sad, happy, angry, lonely, whatever my mood I can always count on country music to get me through it.
  3. Corona and Lime

    • I’ve always liked the occasional Corona and Lime but ever since moving to Santa Monica I’ve been drinking them a lot more often and I’m loving it. I guess you could say I found my beach!
  4. My Dog Pudge

    • We had to put down my poor baby Pudge in May and it has been really hard. He was my little protector, my taste tester, and my best friend. While I still get sad and miss him so much I am beyond grateful for the time we had together. He taught me so much in his 13 years with us and I am lucky I had the chance to be loved by him.
  5. Coffee

    • need I say more?
  6. Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

    • My boyfriend and I recently brought the canned cinnamon rolls back into our lives and I forgot how dang good they are. I’ve had them about 5 times this month alone so yes I’m just slightly grateful and may be verging on a little obsessed.
  7. Kitchenaid Mixer

    • When I was younger I remember my grandma used to mix everything by hand. I always wondered how she did it and never complained about having sore arms haha. My mixer is my lifesaver. It makes baking easy and so enjoyable for me.
  8. My parents

    • With the world we are currently living in where children and babies are being separated from their parents, it makes me extra grateful for mine. They would do anything for my sisters and I and I truly feel so blessed and grateful for everything they do for me.
  9. People that go out of their way to be nice

    • It’s easy to smile at a stranger or hold the door open for someone but when people take the time to put some thought into it and do something nice for someone whether it’s a friend or stranger, I think that’s amazing. We need more of that in this world and for those that already do it, I’m grateful for you.
  10. Late Summer Night Barbecues

    • These warm and late summer nights are my absolute favorite and I have the perfect outdoor patio to take advantage. I am so grateful to have a roof over my head and an outdoor space to be my little sanctuary. I will cherish all of the wonderful nights shared with loved ones under the stars this summer!
  11. The Opportunity to Travel

    • The past year has been filled with so many great adventures from Florida to camping, all the way to Europe and I have my wonderful boyfriend to thank for that. The world is an amazing place and it’s nice to have someone that pushes me out of my comfort zone a little. I’m beyond grateful for all of these amazing experiences and the many more to come with my love.
  12. Daisies

    • It’s kind of crazy how something as simple as a daisy can bring so much joy, but they do and for that, I am so grateful. Can’t wait for the ones we planted in my backyard to bloom!
What is something you’re grateful for this summer? I’d love to hear!

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  1. This is so sweet. Absolutely love cinnamon rolls. – Intern of The Style Wright

  2. moondreams says:

    I am grateful for the park down our road as it gives our daughter a place to play!

  3. Love your list! I’m especially grateful for my family this summer! It’s been rough, but having a good strong support system is huge.

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