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8 month update

Jun 18, 2020

I can’t believe my baby boy is 8 months old, well almost 9! He is such a happy boy! He has so much energy and is always on the move. We are obsessed with his new toothy smile and his goofy personality that is coming out more and more every day.


Ford has been changing and developing so much the past few months! He has been super active and crawling a lot more around the house. We have to keep him trapped in the living room otherwise he gets into everything! (Still haven’t babyproofed because we’ve been traveling a ton) He loves standing up while holding the couch and will run down the hallway while holding your hands. Still trying to get this on video! As of right now, he says dada and that’s about it. He is a chatty Cathy though!

What He Loves

He loves our dog Saint so much! They can play and laugh together all day. Saint is so sweet with Ford too. We really lucked out with the best dog. We put him in the nested bean sleep sack for sleeping. He doesn’t sleep well without his sound machine either. He loves Micky Mouse Clubhouse but is not a big tv or screen guy which I guess is a good thing. He will only sit still to watch for about 4 minutes max haha

His favorite thing to do though is to go on walks. He loves being outside. He could be crying hysterically and the second you take him out on the patio his whole demeanor changes. I wish we could do more with him than just go for walks but the pandemic is really cramping our style haha. I can’t wait to take him out and for him to see more people because I can already tell he’s a social butterfly like his dada.


For the most part, he sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes 2 naps a day. He has his off days when he is teething where is sleep is thrown off and he wakes up early. But overall he is such a great sleeper! Brock and I are great sleepers too so we needed that haha


Ford LOVES to eat! We mostly just give him purees but he loves everything we’ve given him so far. Lately, we have been trying to incorporate some bigger pieces for him to pick up and eat himself like avocado and baby puffs. He always wants to have whatever we are eating, but I have been nervous to give him too big of pieces yet. I think we will start trying that more very soon though. Some regular foods I feed him: oatmeal, frozen blueberries, different veggie purees, and puffs! He still loves his milky sooo much!




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