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7 Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

Apr 4, 2019

7 Tips for a Good Night's Rest 7 Tips for a Good Night's Rest 7 Tips for a Good Night's Rest7 Tips for a Good Night's RestWho doesn’t love sleep? I mean, sleep is one of the most healing things you can do for your body. And it’s one of the most frustrating things when you just can’t get a good night’s sleep. I found myself doing a few things for optimal relaxation before bed in order to get a better night sleep and they work like a charm. 

I realized in order to have a peaceful, effective morning I needed to focus on the night. So, these are seven tips for a good night’s rest that I have up my sleeve. They are going to make all the difference.

Comfy Pajamas + Fuzzy Socks

This one is more about preference. In order to be my most comfortable I need big cozy sweatpants on and a pair of soft fuzzy socks. I have terrible circulation so my feet are always ice cold and need to be surrounded by soft and warm hugs at all times but especially before bed. If you’re more comfortable sleeping naked then, by all means, do what feels best for your body. 

Dark Room/ Sleep Mask

It’s proven that you sleep better in a room that is pitch black. This can be hard to accomplish at times so I always have to have a sleep mask on to get a good nights rest. Blackout curtains can also do the trick! 

No Electronics in your room

This one is super important. We are on our phones ALL day when it’s time for bed its time a recharge break. Plug your phone up in the kitchen or across the room if you need your alarm so you don’t get tempted to touch it. The light on your phone actually wakes you up so when you’re trying to get relaxed and ready for bed looking at your phone is seriously detrimental. 

Drink Magnesium Calm

This has become a nightly routine for me because I love drinking something warm before bed. Magnesium calm is exactly what it’s called. It is just a powder form of magnesium that helps your body to de-stress. That’s why it’s the perfect nighttime cocktail. 

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I discovered this stuff about a year ago and I have already gone through a couple of bottles. I even bring it with me when I travel. You spritz a little on your pillow and you’re out. I discovered it helps me most when trying to get back to sleep after I wake up to pee in the middle of the night. This stuff is a godsend. 

Essential Oils

Valor oil! It relaxes the mind and body. I put some in my handy-dandy diffuser & it fills the air with this natural calm. The benefits are endless but to get to the point, valor: calms the nervous system, encourages relaxation, & promotes sleep. 

White Noise Machine

This kind of goes against the no electronics in the bedroom but Brock and I sleep with our Fan App on every single night. We seriously cannot sleep without it. There’s a reason babies sleep best with white noise machines people! Why did we ever stop?! 


Welp, there you have it, people! My 7 tips for a good night’s rest. They help me sleep my best so hopefully, they’ll help you too! If you follow these tips and get a good night’s rest, you’re more likely to stick to that morning routine

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