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7 Positive Affirmations to Start Your Morning

Oct 15, 2018

7 Positive Affirmations

Growing up my dad would barge into our rooms every morning and wake up us with his booming voice, “today is going to be a great day!” I would always be groggy and roll over in bed or yell, “I’m sleeping leave me alone.” Even though I didn’t necessarily appreciate it back then it did stick with me. And while sometimes I struggle to get out of bed I always get my day started by telling myself it’s going to be a great day. It’s such an easy thing to do in the morning, but having that positive attitude first thing really has such a huge impact on my day.

Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and need a little help giving yourself a confidence boost. Some days you wake up feeling great already but positive affirmations can only make things better. So before you pour your coffee or leave the house why don’t you start with telling yourself a positive affirmation. I guarantee it will set you up for success that day and every day you continue to do so. Here is a list of 7 positive affirmations that I like to tell myself before my morning coffee.

7 Positive Affirmations

Today is going to be a great day.
My potential to succeed is limitless.
I will succeed today.
I have the power to create change.
I know exactly what to do to achieve success.
I can do anything I put my mind to.
I am enough.

This may seem silly at first, but sometimes you need a reminder of just how awesome you are. So I just wanted to say good morning beautiful people, today is going to be a great day!!

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  1. Those are great affirmations that anyone can say to their self! Today is going to be a great day is one I say daily!

  2. Sheree says:

    These are great affirmations to start your day with, thanks for sharing!

    ~xo Sheree

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