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5 Tips to Hosting the Best Backyard Picnic

Jul 1, 2017

July is finally here and it really feels like summer! With the warm weather comes all of the fun outdoor activities. My favorite being… a weekend picnic under the clouds! I’ve put together a few tips to hosting the best backyard picnic for you and your friends!


Comfort is key when it comes to hosting a picnic because not everyone is going to be thrilled about sitting on the ground. I ended up using an old comforter which worked well because it’s thicker than a plain old blanket and I wasn’t concerned about getting it dirty. You could also opt in for a Mexican serape, from the Little Market, to add a touch of color! Also, be sure to bring plenty of throw pillows!

This will allow you and your friends to be comfortable and have a relaxing time!

The Menu

It’s a no-brainer that you can’t have a good picnic without some food! If you plan on lounging for a while, you should choose items that your guests can snack on throughout the picnic. I don’t think there is anything yummier than a giant wood board filled with cheeses, meats, crackers and jam! Don’t forget to bring some of your favorite refreshing fruits as well.

On Tap

When it comes to a summer picnic, beverages may be arguably the most important thing. On a hot summer day what’s more refreshing than a crisp glass of rose? Or some sparkling water with lemon as a non-alcoholic option!

The Basket

Opt for a large basket or sturdy tote to transport all your picnic goodies. There is never a shortage of cute vintage picnic baskets, although sometimes it’s more practical to bring a big bag or backpack!

Final Touches

Of course it wouldn’t be a pretty picnic without some gorgeous colorful flowers. You can always count on BloomThat to deliver me the most stunning bouquets and vases, perfect for any occasion. Lastly, don’t forget the necessities like a wine opener, utensils, paper towels and trash bags for a quick and easy clean up process!

Photography by: Torrey Fox

I hope you guys enjoy! Whats in your picnic basket?!



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  1. thefashionableaccountant says:

    Yumm!! I want to come picnic at your house!! I am not sure what I would carry in my basket, but I love the variety you have!!

  2. Linda says:

    Your photos are so beautiful! Looks like so much fun! I usually go out for a picnic but never thought to have one in my backyard! Thanks for the tips. 🙂


  3. Maria says:

    Love these photos and your tips. Now I’m inspired to get a picnic basket and have one, xo

  4. StyleVicksen says:

    Okay, so now I want to have a picnic now. LOL! Love the photos!

  5. Madeeha Syed says:

    These pictures are all so stunning!! Love the tips too, now all I need is a backyard #citylife

  6. Awesome tips. I can’t wait to implement a few of them! Your food looks yummy!


    Courtney Bentley ||

  8. This is adorable. I would love to do this in our backyard with my husband for a date night!

  9. […] would also be a seriously great addition to a picnic. If you haven’t read my post with tips on how to host a backyard picnic you should check it out. Whether you go on a picnic or not, you have to try this cornbread recipe, […]

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