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3 Fall Staples

Oct 11, 2018

3 Fall Staples3 Fall Staples3 Fall Staples

3 Fall Staples

If you hadn’t already guessed Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s when the air gets crisp, I get to bake all of my favorite things, and I get to pull out my fall attire! My style is super simple for the most part so I always love to have a few staples that I can rotate through.

  1. Fall Purses

    I’m a purse girl. I have quite a large collection of purses which is a little ironic considering I always lose my credit card and ID. Should probably just keep them in one of my 20 purses. Anyways, I love a simple, but stylish bag! During the fall I lean towards my bigger handbags and my totes. Here are a few of my favorites:

  2. Gingham

    Gingham/ Buffalo Plaid whatever you want to call it, I love it. I’ll always love it. It makes me happy and I don’t care if it goes out of style ever I’ll still be wearing it, especially during the fall. I have gingham pants, skirts, shirts, heck I even have multiple pairs of gingham shoes! It’s rare that you’ll find me wearing patterns, most of my attire is solid colors or simple stripes but gingham has my heart! Here are a few I’m dying over right now:

  3. Comfy Sweaters

    I feel like everyone is all about chunky sweaters in the fall, but I am not a huge fan of chunky. For starters, I live in Santa Monica so chunky sweaters aren’t really necessary. I like lighter layers and I like to be comfortable. I love a good cashmere sweater or even a furry one. Nothing too crazy, but a little sheepskin is right up my alley. If you find a sweater that’s soft and not too heavy I probably already have it in my closet. I have been loving these ones lately:

3 Fall Staples3 Fall Staples

If your closet is feeling a little full and you wanna free up some space for more fall staples check out my recent post Closet Clean Out for a few tips on how to refresh your closet and keep it from getting too cluttered. I hope you guys enjoyed my 3 Fall Staples! Let me know what you want to read about next 🙂


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