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20 Week Bumpdate

May 13, 2019

20 Week Bumpdate
20 Week Bumpdate
20 Week Bumpdate

20 Week Bumpdate

I can’t believe I am officially halfway done with my first pregnancy! It’s crazy how slow it went in the beginning and now I feel like it is racing by. Brock and I have been traveling a lot more now that I am feeling energized and all around better. There have just been a lot of exciting things happening the past few weeks so I’m excited to share with you guys and answer these questions!

How Far Along ?

– 21 weeks!

Weight Gain?

– I have gained 14 pounds so far. I think I gained the most in the first trimester because I actually had to eat every 45 minutes all day and night to avoid getting nauseous. Now I am eating 4 or five smaller meals a day since I don’t have nausea anymore.

Maternity Clothes?

– My mom got me a few pairs of maternity leggings and jeans right away so I’ve been wearing them but I probably don’t need to yet. I will say that I don’t like anything super tight. I can’t wear my normal size in Lululemon leggings unless they are a stretchier pair. My favorite things to wear currently are t-shirt dresses or zelle’s ultrasoft leggings!


– Sleep hasn’t been too big of an issue. I’ll have to get up to pee at least twice but fall back asleep right away for the most part. I have been using a pregnancy pillow that makes it easier to get comfy without sleeping on my stomach or back. I am normally in bed super early around 9 or 10 and wake up around 7 am. So even if I don’t sleep too well I still get a decent amount of sleep in.

Best Moment This Week? 

– I think he is starting to recognize my voice more! I hadn’t felt him kick in a while so I started talking to him and asking him to kick for me and then he gave me a couple of big ones. It made me so happy whether he was responding to my voice or not just to know he was still moving around in there!

Baby Movement?

– Yes!!! I felt him for the first time around 16 weeks but was unsure if it was really him. Now at 21 weeks, I feel him all day and night especially after I eat! My doctor said the placenta is actually in the front of my belly so he is just kicking that but because I am thin it makes sense I feel him so much. He definitely is a kicker and a puncher!

Food Cravings?

– I haven’t had any weird cravings but I have been wanting Taco bell a lot more than normal. And while I’m trying my best to eat healthily, but baby boy has a bigger sweet tooth than his momma! He makes me eat all the sweets…I think I have ice cream or a chocolate shake almost every night.


– Brock and I are leaving for our Babymoon next weekend actually! I am so excited to be going to Maui, Hawaii. We just got back from his cousin’s wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico so that was a mini babymoon in itself. But I’m excited to get some alone time and relax on the beach before I start feeling sluggish again and baby boy makes his appearance.

Something You’re Looking Forward To?

– Meeting him! It all feels so real now and I absolutely love being pregnant and still have halfway to go but I just can’t wait to hold him and see his little face! I’m also so excited to see Brock become a dad. He was seriously born to be one and I know he is going to be amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my 20 week bumpdate. I’ll hopefully keep feeling good so I’ll be able to update your more as baby and belly grow!

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  1. Yay! making it to the halfway point is such a fun milestone! You’re super cute <3

  2. littleslifeandlaughter says:

    You are looking fabulous at 21 weeks! With my first two, this was the time I really felt like I could enjoy being pregnant and finally had that “pregnancy glow.” Before you know it, your little one will be here in your arms!

  3. Omg you’re so cute! I loved your update! 🙂

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